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Whether you are a new, growing or established company in any industry. Our top priority is to provide our clients with financial solutions they need to succeed and grow. Our variety of useful services we offer is not only in funding, but also in business advice..


Anyone who has reached the age of 18 and wants to fund (invest) with a view to earning return in interest, may become a Fundmember. What could be better than knowing who and what you are investing in. Getting to know the people and not only experiencing the processes up close, but also having a say in the processes. This is not only educational but also very exciting. The starting and minimum entry amount to invest (Fund) is $1000,-

In BizzFund you have a dedicated team of business and financial experts ready to help you.

Money keeper

BizzFund (BF) strives to be the money keeper off all investments  for projects in South-America. Audit the projects and make sure all the money goes to the projects for the right reasons. Every body knows that there is much curuption in south-america and a lot of other places, all over the world. So to be sure your investment is safe and well spent BizzFund is the way to go. Drop your project here for us to start, guide and audit for the best and safe  end result.

BizzFund’s latest project is FOOTJE.COM, B2C & B2B Commerce working with own products and affiliates

Call to Action

Getting up to 15% return on your investment is a possibility. So why leave your free to invest money in the bank where you do not receive interest but rather have costs on your capital.